Monday, 16 July 2012

Wedding Bells

Three generations of the family were in attendance at friend of the family's wedding on Saturday. At the beautiful St. Nicholas Church in Hurst not even the awful wet weather could put a dampener on things.

As is normally the case these my niece Anna was the  star of the show, but followed close by mum who wonderfully pushed aside her battle against cancer to have a wonderful day meeting up with many old friends.

A nice moment towards the end of the afternoon was Anna collecting "jewellery"  whilst her mum watched over her with a glass of wine!

As is always the case I tend to struggle in the aftermath of these occasions. I tend to over do the drinking and feel quite down as that is the effect alcohol seems to have on me these days, and as much as I enjoy weddings, I do find it a bit difficult as it's something I have missed out on to date, and still hope one day I meet someone special and can experience it for myself. Hey ho onwards and upwards and probably just need a good kick up the bum!

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  1. Lovely Photos, the one of Anna with the red bow and shoes is beautiful! You will get your wedding day :) And i will be there to give a speech! :) Best Woman?? hehe