Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All is Calm Again

Well after suffering from a hangover for days on end it was nice to finally feel human again tonight, and what better way to end a very nice evening in Windsor with my lovely friend The Blonde than to stop and capture the gorgeous sunset on my way back to Reading. I stopped off on the duel carriageway by the Eton College playing fields and looked out west across the M4 at Slough. What a fantastic view it was for everyone on the roads tonight. Sometimes I can get frustrated and feel disillusioned with the way things are heading in my life, but sometimes it can simply take such a scene as this to remind me that the world is a pretty special place and I am very lucky to have a wonderful family and brilliant friends. I can't make everything I want to happen in my life happen straight away so I just need to concentrate on being positive and making myself as open as possible for all good things to come my way.

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