Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fringe Benefits

Ever since a hosepipe ban was put in place at Easter in the UK, we have had pretty much constant rain for months now. I think we are all pretty fed up with it and would like some hot summer sunshine especially with the Olympics just around the corner. However one of the fringe benefits of this awful weather is that we are being blessed with some pretty spectacular skyscapes when gaps in the rain clouds allow the sun to try and burst through. Just a few minutes from home I had to pull the car over and get the camera out to capture one such scene, and I even had the pleasure of what appears to be a Red Kite flying into shot. It just goes to show that a skyscape scene can be captured literally anywhere as another panned out shot of the same view shows.


  1. great shot! looks really ominous!!

  2. I was there two weeks ago for a holiday and had nothing but rain! But all in all nice pictures.

  3. It has rained most of the time since Easter :)