Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wedding Weekend in Rutland

Situated on the edge of Rutland Water is Barnsdale Lodge Hotel where I spent a very enjoyable weekend at a fellow cricket club member's wedding. I travel the country quite extensively, but this was an area I hadn't really got close to before.

We were blessed with fantastic weather all weekend, which was fortunate for the end of February, and Rutland Water looked fantastic!

As is the case I completely overdid the drinking at the wedding, and have spent half the week nursing a hangover. As much as I love weddings and enjoy seeing friends getting married it does also make me feel a little sad at times, as I realise that not only is it something I would love to happen to me, but also how far I am away from achieving it. So I took a self portrait picture in the hotel gardens in the hope that it brings me better luck on the Internet Dating sites. Having said that on February 29th of this leap year I have yet to receive a marriage proposal! :)

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