Monday, 6 February 2012

A Blast Of Winter

The mild Winter of 2011/12 came to a shuddering stop this weekend, and we had an arctic blast of snowy weather. Usually that signals South East England grinding to a halt, but fortunately a combination of good gritting and wet snow means the roads weren't too bad at all. These two shots were taken at Maidenhead thicket and who would realise that a major road is just out of picture. I am not a huge fan of snow when it impacts on work as it has in recent winters, so hopefully this snow will have melted away before long.

I took the opportunity to get out in my back garden and got a nice abstract shot illustrating depth of field, which I have just done on my joint blog.

Arriving to a very white work, I had to make a make shift snow plough with the forklift and clear some snow to enable me to get stuff in and out of the unit.

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