Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Breathtaking Sunset

This was a moment that I really had to capture on camera, and so fortunately on an October weekend taking my mum to visit my sister and her family I had my camera with me in the car. We were driving from Maidenhead to Alvescot and once we got past Oxford we were treated to a breathtaking sunset. I was able to pull my car into a parking area on the A40 and climb up a small grass slope to take this photo.Actually I took 4 photos together using my camera's panoramic setting and merged them together as I really wanted to capture as much of the scene as I could. 

I have always been enthralled and captivated by sunsets and some days they can pass me by, whilst ones like today they grab me. I think the sun setting in the west against a backdrop of gathering rain clouds produced a pretty spectacular array of colours.

My recent interest in photography most recently captured in the fundraising book I produced to raise funds for Beating Bowel Cancer (details here) has had to take a back seat in recent months so this photographic opportunity will hopefully see the start of a renewed period of photographic activity.

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