Friday, 5 July 2013

Henley Royal Regatta 2013

The Wednesday at Henley Regatta 2013 was rather overcast, but at least the rain stayed away. Unfortunately for me the luck of the weather draw meant that the sunny days at the end of week would bless others, but for me just having a rare opportunity to have an afternoon off work was wonderful.

This year the panama hat made an appearance, keeping my growing curly hair under wraps, and having lost three quarters of a stone recently on my diet meant rather than worrying about if my shirt would be too tight around my neck it was in the fact the complete opposite and I might have to go shopping for a smaller neck size if I can keep the weight off!

All the wonderful traditions have been maintained in the Stewards Enclosure, although it's difficult to stop smart phones being used when they are being used as cameras. I am as guilty as anyone having a sneaky peak at my emails etc. Ladies use all their ingenuity to get around the rule of skirts below the knees. My only complaint this year was for some reason that is beyond me they reduced the amount of deckchairs put out for spectators to watch the racing??? It is after a rowing regatta after all...

The colourful outfits are always wonderful at Henley and this year was no exception. Amongst all the striking blazers, trousers and ties was this magnificent orange cap. In the overcast conditions it stood out at a great distance and was as bright as the light in the top photo! I shall be searching for one of the caps for myself me thinks.

Two purchases were made from the rather pricey regatta shop. I got a silver photo frame, in which I shall put an old black and white photo of my late father from his rowing days. I have already got my mum on the case to find a photo from the old family albums. And the other purchase was not Michele in the photo, but "Blue Bear" complete with his boater!

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