Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Crossing The Humber

I recently achieved a long term ambition in driving across the Humber Bridge. I first saw the bridge in the mid 1980s when I used to go visit a friend studying at the old polytechnic. And for the last 25 years I go up to within miles of it work wise so I get a fleeting glimpse of it from a far. I finally had a spare hour on a recent trip so I drove along the A63 to the bridge and got out and took some photos from the shoreline.

As I was in no hurry travelling the 200 miles home, I decided to cross the bridge and drive back down South via Lincoln / Newark and then on A1 rather than the usual M62,M18, M1 route. It cost a very reasonable £1.50 to drive across it and although maybe it is no Sydney Harbour Bridge it is one of the most impressive bridge structures we have in the UK.

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