Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Anniversaries, Toblerone & Father's Day

It's funny how bereavement can take many different forms, and in my recent experience there is certainly no right or wrong way to deal with it. The 2nd anniversary of my dad passing away if fast approaching and not surprisingly I suppose my thoughts and the rest of the family's turn more and to thinking about him at this time. However whilst not getting away from how much you still can miss someone, I always try and remember the happy times and what a great man he was. There are many things that can trigger thoughts about him and just what a lovely man he was. Bizarrely Toblerone in the supermarket today was one such instance. I had almost finished my shop and I happened to see the big bars on sale promoting the forthcoming Fathers Day. Toblerone was one of the regular Fathers Day gifts I would give dad; in fact it was either a big bar of Toblerone or a pack of beer for him to consume in the garden. I found it slightly weird today as the thoughts that were triggered consisted of not only the fact that dad was no longer here, but also how I am not a father myself and so in fact the whole Fathers Day occasion passes me by at the moment. Of course I can't do anything about my own dad no longer being here, but I can still do something about my own aspirations to be a dad myself one day. But I digress... So I thought to myself I fancy a Toblerone regardless of who they are aiming to sell the product to so I am going to buy one and I did, which I know dad would approve of :o)

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  1. awww thats a really sweet post. You have plenty of time to be Daddy Darvell, dont you worry x